Geor|gian «JR juhn», adjective, noun.
1. of or having to do with the four Georges, kings of England from 1714 to 1830.
2. having to do with the style of architecture, art, or decoration during this period: »

One of Britain's most remarkable and characteristic contributions to European culture is her Georgian architecture (London Times).

3. of or having to do with the state of Georgia or its people.
4. of or having to do with the independent Republic of Georgia, once a part of the former Soviet Union, its people, or their language.
5. of or characteristic of the reign of George V, king of England from 1910 to 1936.
1. a person born or living in the state of Georgia.
2. a) a person born or living in the independent Republic of Georgia, once a part of the former Soviet Union. b) the South Caucasian language of the Georgians.
3. a person, especially a writer, of the time of the first four Georges of England.

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